Learn how we expanded our car business with Search Engine Optimization

Learn how we expanded our car business with Search Engine Optimization

When we initially started our business, our ability to reach potential customers was very limited simply due to our lack of resources. Also, the majority of custom car business owners already had a longstanding relationship in each neighborhood they had a shop in. However, that did not stop us.

Over the years, we developed numerous strategies to find these buyers but none were the traditional methods used by most car dealers. Having a background in digital marketing, we were able to take advantage of the internet and its immense reach. We no longer had to focus on our local market. We simply had to build a strong online brand in order to generate traffic towards our online business. But it was a lot harder than expected.

We were no longer competing against local car dealers in our area. We were going against the biggest brands in the car industry! At first, we were almost ready to give up and find another alternative but luckily, we landed on a video that completely changed our lives. In this YouTube video, a man taught us what search engine optimization was. After a couple of days of digging deeper into this specialized field of internet marketing, we started applying the information learned into our custom car business. After a couple of weeks of more learning and executing, the calls started rolling in.

If you’re an Automotive Dealer, check the video below to learn how to take advantage of SEO to grow your customer base.

At first, we were extremely happy with how SEO changed our business. One of our partners even started his own SEO business called 3AM Premier SEO. But we then realized that we had another problem on hand which was being able to handle all the demand! We had finally solved the traffic problem but we had not planned for anything after. Having a custom car business is solely based on how good the mechanics and builders are. The entire automobile will be a by-product of a combination of skills that are extremely hard to find. Therefore, our next step was to find these individuals. Another light bulb came up.

Instead of using search marketing to find customers, we immediately thought of using this online method to find employees and partners. This SEO process is a lot different compared to finding clients. The biggest issues were finding the right search terms to go after and how to handle the interview process.


How to Generate More Business With Search Marketing

After we started getting more of this type of traffic to our site, we had to hire a full stack developer to help us handle all the requests. Because of what we had done with our business, everyone knew about our brand and were eager to work for us. More quality mechanics meant that we could handle a larger number of clients in a short time period.

The reason for this post was to give some background story on how we were able to scale our custom making car business with search engine optimization. The access that can be obtained with this marketing approach is so targeted simply because the people who find us are ready to buy. If you are planning to scale your business, I would highly consider hiring a Marketing Agency such as 3AM Premier SEO.

If you would like to ask us anything questions, don’t hesitate to message us!